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Dr. Michael Housh, DDS
Dr. Cammie Housh, DDS
From   the   time   I   was   in   high   school   I   knew   I   wanted   to pursue   a   job   in   a   healthcare   field,   I   was   just   unsure   which one.   I   was   fortunate   to   be   exposed   to   the   dental   field   at   a young   age,   when   my   father   opened   his   own   dental   office and   my   mother   became   his   assistant.   They   exemplified   to my   sister   (who   is   also   a   dentist)   and   I   the   importance   of caring   for   others,   doing   your   best   in   all   you   do,   and   working hard.   I   attended   the   University   of   Central   Missouri   (known,   then, as   Central   Missouri   State   University),   where   I   attained   my Bachelor   of   Science   in   Biology.   While   there,   I   met   my   future husband,   Mike,   in   Endocrinology   class   Open-mouth   smile. God   brought   us   together,   and   then   guided   us   to   Lincoln,   NE to   further   our   studies.   I   graduated   with   my   Doctor   of   Dental Surgery   Degree   from   the   University   of   Nebraska   Medical Center-College of Dentistry in 1996.   Mike   and   I   chose   to   settle   near   El   Dorado   Springs,   MO where   we   have   been   truly   blessed.   We   have   two   children, Chaney   and   Brayden,   who   remind   us   on   a   daily   basis   what is   important   in   life.   Our   practice   continues   to   grow,   thanks   to our   exceptional   staff,   wonderful   patients,   and   a   God   who always has the best plan.
I   grew   up   in   northern   Missouri   where   I   learned   the   values   of family   and   friends,   and   developed   an   appreciation   for   small communities.      I   earned   a   biology   degree   from   the   University of   Central   Missouri   in   1991.   I   was   active   in   all   types   of intramural   athletics   and   competed   on   the   university’s   track and   field   team   as   a   decathlete   and   pole   vaulter.      I   was   also fortunate   enough   to   find   the   love   of   my   life,   Cammie,   while attending   the   university   and   shortly   after   obtaining   a   B.S.   in Biology. I    began    my    formal    dental    training    at    the    University    of Nebraska      Medical      Center-College      of      Dentistry      and graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1998. We   began   our   life   as   dentists   and   parents   and   relocated   to the   wonderful   community   of   El   Dorado   Springs,   MO.   I   have enjoyed   practicing   Dentistry   in   El   Dorado   Springs   for   the past    13    years    and    have    been    committed    to    educating patients    and    treating    the    dental    health    concerns    of    our community. I   feel   blessed   by   God   to   be   entrusted   with   the   improvement of   smiles   and   self-esteem   of   the   families   we   treat.      I   value the   advancement   of   technology   in   our   dental   profession, and    strive    to    incorporate    the    newest    techniques    and equipment   into   our   practice,   without   losing   the   importance of listening to the needs of my patients. I   am   blessed   with   two   wonderful   children   who   have   shown me   what   love   and   life   are   truly   about,   and   thoroughly   enjoy watching   them   grow   in   their   own   activities.      I   enjoy   all   types of   outdoor   activities   including   white-tailed   deer   hunting,   and can often be reached in a nearby tree stand. I   would   like   to   welcome   you   and   your   family   to   a   dental practice   that   will   strive   to   treat   your   dental   concerns   but   also treat you with kindness and respect!