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Teeth Whitening
One   of   the   most   popular   and   painless   ways   to   give   your appearance   an   instant   boost   is   through   teeth   whitening. This    process,    also    known    as    bleaching,    helps    people achieve   a   brighter   smile   by   removing   discolorations   and blemishes    from    teeth.    While    many    people    choose    to perform   this   process   in   the   comfort   of   their   home,   for   the best    results,    you    should    consult    a    dentist.    They    will ensure   that   the   procedure   is   performed   correctly   in   the office    in    order    for    you    to    receive    the    best    whitening treatment possible. Years   of   coffee,   tea,   wine,   soda,   citrus   products,   smoking, along   with   a   number   of   other   factors   can   contribute   to stained   and   discolored   teeth.   While   heredity   plays   a   role in   tooth   color,   general   wear   and   tear   can   also   wreak   havoc on   your   smile.   For   those   who   want   teeth   whitening,   our   dentists   can   perform   this   procedure while you wait, in about an hour. A   dentist   will   clean   your   teeth,   treat   your   gums,   and   create   an   easy   and   safe   whitening regimen   that   is   tailored   specifically   to   your   needs.   The   dentist   can   also   monitor   your   overall dental health in order to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from teeth whitening. There   are   very   few   ways   to   combat   the   results   of   staining   over   time.   To   a   certain   extent, everyone    will    experience    some    degree    of    staining    during    the    course    of    their    lifetime. According    to    the    American    Dental    Association,    whitening    is    safe,    and    under    proper supervision,    extremely    effective    at    treating    tooth    discoloration.    Millions    of    people    have recognized   the   benefit   of   a   brighter   smile,   including   an   increased   sense   of   self-confidence.   If you   want   to   give   your   appearance   an   immediate   and   tangible   enhancement,   teeth   whitening is the procedure for you. Housh   Family   Dentistry   offers   teeth   whitening   treatment   to   their   patients.   At   our   dental office,    you    can    be    sure    to    get    the    best    treatments    provided    by    experienced    and knowledgeable   dentists.   You   can   also   benefit   from   our   one-hour   teeth   whitening   with   ZOOM system.      Zoom   Whitening   is   a   bleaching   process   used   to   lighten   discoloration   of   dentin   and enamel. This   treatment   is   fast   and   long   lasting   and   is   shown   to   be   safe   and   effective.   During the   treatment,   a   hydrogen-peroxide   based   whitener   is   applied   to   the   teeth   and   is   activated by   a   special   light.   This   treatment   is   done   only   in   one   hour,   but   whitens   the   teeth   an   average of   eight   shades.   The   only   post   treatment   instruction   is   to   not   consume   foods   and   liquids   that affect   the   color   of   the   teeth   for   24   hours.   Some   people   do   experience   mild   to   moderate   tooth sensitivity after a whitening treatment, but the sensitivity does dissipate in time.

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