“Uptown Dentistry with a Hometown Feel” Housh Family Dentistry 605 E. Hospital Rd., Suite 1 El Dorado Springs, MO 64744 (417) 876-3124 Root Canal Treatment Root canal treatment is used by your dentist at Housh Family Dentistry to examine the soft core of the tooth – also known as the dental pulp – in order to locate and treat problems. This type of treatment is relatively modern, as throughout history and until the late 20th century the primary means of treating teeth with diseased or injured pulp was to extract the teeth completely. Now, thanks to root canal treatment and your North Hollywood dentist, injured teeth can be saved.   Dental pulp is within the tooth itself, extending from the crown to the tip of the root in the jaw bone. This is where nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue are located within the tooth. If the pulp becomes diseased from bacteria introduced through tooth decay or due to injury such as a crack or break, it may die. If an infection within the tooth remains untreated, a buildup of bacteria at the root tip can form a pocket of infection, called an abscess, and will result in pain and swelling if the patient does not receive root canal treatment. Furthermore, an abscess does not just affect the tooth of origin, but can also injure the jaw bone.  Root canal treatment at Housh Family Dentistry generally will involve between one and three visits with the dentist. After determining a root canal is the right treatment for the patient, the dentist first creates an opening through the crown of the tooth and into the pulp chamber. Diseased portions of the pulp are removed and the root canal is cleaned and prepared for sealing. A patient may receive a temporary filling which will protect the root canal until a permanent crown is affixed, most often at a follow up dental appointment.  At Housh Family Dentistry, Dr. Cammie Housh and Dr. Mike Housh offer root canal treatments as well. With a root canal treatment you can save your diseased or infected tooth instead of extracting it.  Do you have pain in any of your teeth? A painful tooth may signal disease or decay. Housh Family Dentistry and schedule a root canal treatment evaluation as soon as possible.

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