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Restorative Dentistry
If        you    have    lost    a    tooth    or    experienced    severe    cavity damage,    restorative    dentistry    may    be    what    you    need    to recover   your   lost   smile. A   restorative   dentist   at   Housh   Family Dentistry   can   provide   you   with   gentle,   quality   treatment   to restore your smile. Restorative   dentistry   repairs   teeth   that   have   been   damaged through    accidents    or    natural    decay.    Some    of    the    most common   procedures   include   caps,   crowns,   and   bridges.   A restorative   dentist   will   examine   your   teeth   and   recommend the    most    beneficial    treatment.    Once    the    best    options    for restoring   your   teeth   are   determined,   he   or   she   will   explain how   long   the   procedure   will   take   to   complete   and   how   much time   is   generally   needed   for   healing.   Usually   a   restorative   dentistry   procedure   takes   more than one visit to fully complete the process. Most   restorative   dental   procedures   include   the   use   of   a   crown   or   a   bridge   to   repair   broken or   missing   teeth.   The   main   difference   between   these   two   types   of   repair   appliances   is   that   a crown   is   permanently   affixed   to   what   is   left   of   a   broken   tooth.   A   bridge   is   a   prosthetic   tooth that   fills   the   gaps   left   behind   by   lost   teeth.   The   prosthetic   teeth   bridge   the   gap   between existing   teeth.   Your   dentist   will   create   crowns   for   the   teeth   on   either   side   of   the   bridge   to hold   it   in   place   permanently.   An   experienced   dentist   at   Housh   Family   Dentistry   will   be   able to give you a bridge or crown over the span of a few visits. Once   you   and   your   dentist   have   determined   the   correct   restorative   dentistry   procedure   you require,   you   can   expect   to   visit   the   dentist's   office   several   times   over   a   few   months   for preparation   and   repair   work.   The   first   visit   will   probably   be   for   a   thorough   cleaning   and preparation   of   the   area   to   be   restored.   Subsequent   visits   will   involve   the   actual   repair   work. If   you   have   several   teeth   to   be   crowned,   your   dentist   will   probably   recommend   that   they   be done   a   few   at   a   time   to   reduce   the   trauma   to   your   gums   and   mouth.   You   will   likely   be   fitted with   temporary   crowns   at   first,   then   have   to   come   back   to   have   the   permanent   crowns   put   in place.   Once   all   of   the   procedures   are   complete,   your   teeth   will   look   natural   and   beautiful,   as if there had never been a problem. Trauma   to   the   mouth   and   losing   teeth   not   only   affects   your   dental   and   oral   health,   but   has   a bad   effect   on   your   self   esteem   as   well. At   Housh   Family   Dentistry,   offers   several   high-quality restorative   dentistry   treatments   for   patients   who   have   suffered   trauma   to   their   mouth   and teeth. Contact us to schedule a consultation with a restorative dentist.

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