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Periodontal Treatments
If    you    are    looking    for    a    dentist    who    offers    periodontal treatments,   then   you   are   obviously   someone   who   knows   how important   it   is   to   make   a   wise   investment   in   your   health. Many     people     are     not     aware     that     treating     periodontal problems    can    not    only    make    your    mouth    healthy,    more beautiful,   and   free   of   bacteria,   but   it   can   also   help   prevent other serious health conditions like heart disease. Housh    Family    Dentistry    can    perform    several    treatments depending      upon      how      far      periodontal      disease      has progressed.      These       treatments       range       from       simple procedures,   such   as   removing   tartar   and   plaque   that   might be   present   below   the   gum   line,   to   cosmetic   procedures,   to more complicated surgical procedures that clear infections and restore bone loss. Surgical    treatments    for    periodontal    disease    are    recommended    when    a    periodontist determines   that   the   tissue   around   the   teeth   is   unhealthy   and   cannot   be   repaired   with   non- surgical   procedures.   For   example,   a   pocket   reduction   procedure   is   performed   when   the supporting   tissue   and   bone   is   destroyed   and   a   pocket   forms   around   the   teeth.   During   this procedure,   the   periodontist   folds   back   the   gum   tissue   and   removes   bacteria   before   securing the   tissue   back   into   place.   Rough   surfaces   of   the   damaged   bone   are   also   sometimes smoothed to limit the areas where bacteria can hide. The   most   common   non-surgical   periodontal   treatment   performed   by   Housh   Family   Dentistry includes   scaling   and   root   planing.   In   this   procedure,   the   root   surfaces   are   cleaned   and smoothed   with   specially   designed   instruments.   This   procedure   is   generally   successful   in stopping   infections   that   are   present   in   the   gum   tissue   but   have   not   yet   advanced   to   the bone.   When   you   schedule   a   consultation   with   Housh   Family   Dentistry,   he   or   she   may suggest    using    lasers    as    part    of    your    periodontal    treatments.    Lasers    can    improve    the efficiency of the scaling and root planing procedure. Housh   Family   Dentistry   offers   all   types   of   treatments   required   to   ensure   the   periodontal health   of   their   patients.   Periodontal   disease   can   drastically   affect   teeth,   gum   and   oral   health. Periodontal   treatments,   offered   at   Housh   Family   Dentistry,   can   easily   treat   these   diseases with the many different procedures available.

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