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Orthodontic Treatments
Everyone   deserves   the   right   to   have   a   straight   and   beautiful smile.   Orthodontic   dentistry   treatments   are   used   to   straighten teeth    or    to    correct    the    alignment    of    teeth,    which    if    left untreated    can    lead    to    speaking    or    eating    problems.    It’s common   for   adults   to   seek   these   treatments   in   pursuit   of   a better   smile.   Orthodontic   treatments   provide   a   more   pleasing appearance   that   help   boost   a   person’s   self-confidence   and self-image. Orthodontic   treatments   are   designed   to   provide   relief   to   a person   who’s   living   with   crooked   teeth,   excessive   gaps   and spacing   between   teeth,   misaligned   teeth,   or   bite   problems. These   conditions   can   be   the   result   of   many   different   factors. Teeth   can   grow   abnormally   due   to   genetics   or   premature   loss   of   baby   teeth.   Teeth   that   are broken   during   childhood   can   grow   incorrectly   and   cause   alignment   problems   also.   These scenarios    can    lead    to    overbites    or    prevent    permanent    teeth    from    growing    normally. Treatments   by   Housh   Family   Dentistry   can   correctly   align   and   straighten   teeth   to   produce   a straighter and healthier smile. Two   popular   types   of   corrections   to   straighten   and   align   teeth   are   traditional   metal   braces   or Invisalign    clear    aligners.    These    treatments    provide    excellent    ways    to    gently    pull    teeth together   during   the   length   of   the   treatment.   Metal   braces   use   a   series   of   metal   brackets   and wires   that   are   attached   to   the   tooth   exterior.   The   braces   are   adjusted   during   each   phase   of the straightening treatment to accurately straighten and align teeth. Invisalign Aligners The   Invisalign   clear   aligners   are   a   modern   way   to   straighten   teeth   without   altering   your appearance   during   treatment.   The   use   of   3D   imaging   technology   allows   Housh   Family Dentistry    to    display    the    potential    results    that    can    be    achieved    when    the    treatment    is completed. A   series   of   clear   aligning   trays   are   designed   and   worn   directly   over   the   teeth   for a   time   period   determined   by   our   dentist.   The   clear   aligners   are   easily   exchanged   during each   phase   of   the   treatment.   Two   big   advantages   to   Invisalign   is:   1)   there   are   no   eating   or drinking   restrictions   and   2)   the   clear   aligning   trays   are   virtually   invisible   when   worn-   making Invisalign   a   popular   choice   for   teens   and   adults   that   seek   a   more   discreet   way   to   straighten their teeth.  

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