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Dental Veneers
One   of   the   best   ways   to   improve   the   quality   of   a   stained, discolored,   or   otherwise   damaged   smile   is   through   the use    of    high    quality    dental    veneers.    An    experienced dentist    can    tell    you    the    many    benefits    of    porcelain veneers.   Veneers   are   thin   ceramic   shells   that   are   molded to   the   teeth,   and   then   attached   using   a   resin   cement,   for a permanent and brilliantly white smile. Veneers   work   best   on   teeth   with   serious   stains,   chips, cracks,   or   other   cosmetic   issues.   They   can   even   save   a tooth   from   being   removed,   by   stabilizing   the   tooth   and protecting   it   from   further   damage.   By   adding   a   veneer before   a   tooth   is   completely   beyond   repair,   patients   may be   able   to   avoid   an   expensive   or   uncomfortable   crown   or bridge.    The    procedure    to    create    and    install    custom veneers   depends   on   the   amount   of   teeth   to   be   covered,   the   quality   and   size   of   the   teeth, and the material used to create the veneer. Veneers   can   even   hide   gaps   or   uneven   teeth.   A   thin   layer   of   the   tooth   that   will   have   a veneer   attached   is   removed,   to   make   room   for   the   veneer.   The   amount   that   needs   to   be removed    depends    on    the    damage    and    size    of    surrounding    teeth.    Dental    veneers    are permanently   attached   dental   appliances,   and   cannot   be   removed.   If   you   would   feel   more comfortable   with   a   removable   veneer,   you   may   want   to   look   into   Lumineers.   These   are   high quality   porcelain   veneers   that   are   attached   in   a   way   so   they   can   be   removed   later,   and   don't require   the   teeth   to   be   removed   or   reshaped.   Lumineers   cost   slightly   more   than   traditional veneers,   but   for   some   patients   they   may   be   a   better   choice.   Talk   to   your   dentist   to   decide which type of veneer would be right for you. One   of   the   easiest   ways   to   improve   the   aesthetics   of   stained   or   damaged   teeth   is dental   veneers.   Call   us   and   make   an   appointment   with   Housh   Family   Dentistry   to   see if veneers are the right option for you.

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