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Dental Implants
The Problem of Missing Teeth Losing     one's     teeth     can     cause     many     physical     and emotional    problems.    Loss    of    self-esteem    because    of changes    in    facial    shape,    difficulty    chewing    food,    and trouble    speaking    clearly    are    just    some    of    the    pitfalls. Worst   of   all,   losing   teeth   leads   to   early   aging   of   the   face. Because    missing    teeth    can    cause    so    much    trouble, people   usually   see   a   dentist   that   can   perform   restorative procedures    to    replace    missing    teeth.    Dentures    and bridges    are    two    of    the    most    well-known    devices    to replace    missing    teeth    and    allow    a    person    to    regain functionality     and     experience     improved     appearance. Dental   implants   are   the   third   and   most   optimal   option   for patients. Many   people   consider   dental   implants   to   be   the   most   effective   way   to   alleviate   the   problems caused   by   missing   teeth.   They   have   many   advantages   and   are   safer   and   more   comfortable than ever before to receive. •  Dental implants are stronger than bridges or dentures. • Dental implants are permanent. Once implanted, they function like real teeth.. • Advances in the field of implant dentistry have made it a very safe and comfortable choice. The   procedure   in   which   a   periodontist   places   dental   implants   is   fairly   simple.   First   the   jaw   is prepared   to   receive   implantation.   After   that,   the   implant   is   placed   by   a   skilled   periodontist. Usually the implant is made of titanium- a material easily integrated by the human body. Most   people   are   candidates   for   dental   implants. A   dentist   will   sit   down   with   you   and   discuss your   options,   tell   you   if   you   are   a   good   candidate   for   the   procedure,   and   answer   any questions   you   might   have   about   the   procedure   and   outlook   for   your   implants.   Implants   are the   closest   replacement   to   real   teeth   as   there   is   in   the   dental   world.   They   are   durable, function    amazingly,    and    when    placed    by    an    experienced    professional,    can’t    even    be distinguished   from   real   teeth.   Their   benefits   are   so   great   that   a   consultation   with   Housh Family Dentistry for this procedure is recommended in almost all cases. . Contact   us   and   make   an   appointment   to   consult   with   Housh   Family   Dentistry   about dental implants

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