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Dental Extractions
Are   you   in   need   of   dental   extractions?   Making   a   visit   to   a dentist   could   be   the   best   decision   you   make   for   all   of   your dental     problems,     including     tooth     decay     that     has destroyed   so   much   of   the   tooth   structure   that   restoration is    not    possible.    Other    reasons    for    dental    extractions include   severe   periodontal   disease,   fractured   teeth,   extra teeth, and routinely painful or impacted wisdom teeth. In   preparation,   a   dentist   will   ask   about   your   dental   and medical   history   and   take   x-rays   of   the   area   where   the tooth   is   to   be   removed.   Depending   upon   the   condition   of the    teeth    and    gums,    a    dentist    may    also    prescribe antibiotics    that    are    to    be    taken    before    or    after    the procedure to clear up any infections. The   two   kinds   of   dental   extractions   are   simple   and   surgical. A   simple   extraction   refers   to   the procedure   performed   on   teeth   that   are   visible   in   the   mouth.   Most   simple   extractions   can   be performed   under   local   anesthesia.   The   dentist   grasps   the   tooth   with   forceps   and   moves them   back   and   forth   to   loosen   the   tooth.   Once   sufficiently   loose,   the   dentist   will   extract   the tooth from the gums. Surgical   dental   extractions   are   performed   on   teeth   that   are   not   visible   in   the   mouth.   This generally   applies   to   teeth   that   have   broken   off   at   the   gum   line.   Surgical   extractions   are usually    performed    by    oral    surgeons    under    local    anesthesia    or    sedation.    In    surgical extractions,   an   incision   is   made   in   the   gum,   and   the   tooth   may   even   need   to   be   broken   into several sections to be completely removed. Most   simple   dental   extractions   do   not   cause   excessive   discomfort   afterward.   Depending upon    the    procedure,    pain    medication    may    not    be    required    at    all,    or    the    dentist    may recommend   taking   an   over-the-counter   non-steroidal   anti-inflammatory   drug   (NSAID)   for several   days.   Surgical   extractions   may   cause   some   pain   after   the   procedure   depending   on the difficulty of the extraction. Dr.   Cammie   Housh   and   Dr.   Mike   Housh   our   seasoned   dentists,   with   years   of   experience   in treating    patients    and    performing    treatments    from    basic    procedures    to    complicated    oral surgeries. Regular   checkups   are   vital   for   maintaining   your   overall   dental   health.   Contact   us   and make an appointment today!

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