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Dental Exam and Cleaning
Keeping    teeth    and    gums    healthy    is    the    purpose    of    oral   hygiene   routines.   Daily   brushing   and   flossing   are   used   to remove   bacteria   or   plaque   that   forms   inside   of   the   mouth shortly   after   eating.   While   personal   oral   hygiene   routines   are important,   a   professional   dental   exam   and   cleaning   from Housh   Family   Dentistry   is   equally   important.   When   bacteria or    food    particles    become    lodged    in    between    teeth,    the escalation   and   formation   of   cavities,   tooth   decay,   and   oral diseases   like   gingivitis   become   possible.   The   foundation   of all    dental    treatments    begins    with    a    dental    exam    and cleaning. These   routine   procedures   provide   the   best   protection   when scheduled   regularly   every   6   months.   The   dental   exam   allows   the   dentist   to   evaluate   the success   of   your   current   oral   health   routines   and   reveal   potential   problems   that   may   be   in   the early   stages   of   development.   Dental   x-rays   can   help   to   uncover   deterioration   of   tooth   roots or   decay   that   can   exist   below   the   gum   line   out   of   normal   view.   Early   detection   of   teeth   or gum problems or deterioration is important for both oral and personal health. Your   professional   dental   cleaning   will   begin   with   a   calm   and   safe   procedure   designed   by Housh   Family   Dentistry.   Each   tooth   will   be   examined   for   signs   of   deterioration   or   decay. Excess   bacteria   or   plaque   will   be   removed   from   teeth   and   gums.   This   removal   decreases the   risk   of   cavity   growth,   yellowing,   and   tooth   decay.   The   prevention   of   periodontal   disease is    important    and    a    thorough    dental    exam    and    cleaning    can    diagnose    early    stages    of periodontal disease that can be treated and reversed. Existing    dental    work    also    needs    a    routine    dental    exam    and    cleaning    to    inspect    for deterioration    and    to    remove    harmful    bacteria    from    the    teeth.    This    thorough    cleaning prolongs   the   life   of   dental   work   and   ensures   that   bacteria   does   not   spread   to   surrounding teeth   and   gum   lines.   A   healthy   mouth   can   lead   to   a   healthy   smile   and   receiving   these treatments provides the best protection when combined with personal oral hygiene routines. Make   an   appointment   for   a   dental   exam   and   cleaning   with   Housh   Family   Dentistry   at   least twice a year... even if you think you don't currently have any dental problems.   In   a   dental   exam   and   cleaning   with   Housh   Family   Dentistry   can   check   for   signs   of   any problems   and   prevent   them   from   becoming   severe.   Call   to   schedule   your   appointment today!

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