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Dental Dentures
When   a   person   is   missing   many   teeth,   even   talking   and eating   can   become   challenging.   These   challenges   make it   desirable   to   find   a   way   to   replace   the   missing   teeth   with a   functional   device   that   will   make   eating   and   speaking   a natural    part    of    life    again.    Here    are    a    few    of    the undesirable consequences of missing teeth: -   Missing   teeth   add   age   to   a   person’s   face.   When   teeth aren’t   present   to   support   certain   facial   features,   the   result is    a    sagging    face.    This    could    add    many    years    to    a person’s appearance. -   The   missing   teeth   often   cause   speech   difficulties   and   a loss of self confidence. -   Missing   teeth   cause   people   to   have   difficulty   chewing and eating. People   often   turn   to   one   of   the   most   trusted   solutions   for   missing   teeth:   Dental   dentures. Dental   dentures   are   inexpensive,   attractive,   and   easy   to   acquire.   If   you’re   missing   some teeth,   or   all   of   your   teeth,   an   appointment   with   Housh   Family   Dentistry   is   the   answer   to   your problems.   The   dentist   can   tell   you   whether   or   not   you   need   partial   dentures   or   a   full   set   of dentures.   People   missing   only   some   teeth   need   a   partial   denture.   If   you’re   missing   all   your teeth, you need a full set of dental dentures. Once   you’ve   seen   a   dentist,   they   will   take   measurements   of   your   teeth,   create   a   mold,   and in   only   a   few   weeks   your   dentures   will   be   created   from   that   mold   and   presented   to   you   in your   dentist’s   office.   The   measurements   are   painless,   the   mold   is   painless,   and   the   waiting time to receive your new dentures is minimal. Our   dentist   can   give   you   information   about   dentures.   Dentures   aren’t   uncommon.   You’ve met   people   who   have   dentures   and   you   didn't   even   notice.   That’s   because   dentures   today look so much like real teeth that it’s impossible to tell the difference. Housh   Family   Dentistry   can   offer   you   several   solutions   to   the   problem   of   lost   teeth. Dr,    Cammie    Housh    and    Dr.    Mike    Housh    have    years    of    experience    in    providing treatments, including dental dentures to their patients.

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