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Crowns and Bridges
Individuals    with    severely    damaged    teeth    may    require more   substantive   dental   fixes   to   correct   their   problems. Crowns   and   bridges   may   be   used   by   dentists   to   correct   a host   of   troubles   that   normal   measures   cannot   handle.   For instance,   crowns   may   be   used   to   replace   a   large   filling, prevent   tooth   fractures,   restore   a   dental   implant,   disguise a   discolored   tooth,   or   mask   a   root   canal.   Bridges   are used   to   replace   missing   teeth   in   order   to   prevent   shifting. When   teeth   shift,   it   can   cause   gum   disease   and/or   TMJ disorders.   By   utilizing   these   procedures,   a   dentist   can help     improve     your     oral     health,     prevent     debilitating diseases,   and   utilize   the   latest   cosmetic   techniques   to ensure that you have the best smile possible. Crowns   serve   a   variety   of   purposes.   They   can   be   used   to strengthen   weak   teeth   or   they   can   be   used   to   help   with   tooth   alignment.   A   crown   can   be made   from   porcelain,   ceramic,   gold,   or   silver.   Because   some   types   of   material   are   stronger than porcelain, dentists usually use these to reinforce the back teeth. Bridges,   which   are   commonly   used   to   substitute   for   missing   teeth,   are   placed   between   the teeth   surrounding   the   blank   area.   They   can   be   made   from   a   variety   of   materials   as   well, such   as   porcelain   or   ceramic.   A   bridge   can   be   attached   to   natural   teeth,   crowns,   or   any other   structure   that   can   be   used   as   a   replacement   for   a   tooth.   Once   in   place,   the   bridge   is able to provide stability to the area and prevent shifting. In   order   to   create   a   crown   or   bridge,   dentists   must   file   down   the   tooth.   This   is   done   to ensure   a   correct   fit.   Once   the   size   of   your   tooth   is   reduced,   the   dentist   will   make   the   molds that   will   be   used   to   create   the   crown   or   bridge.   Most   dentists   will   create   a   temporary   fix   until the   process   has   been   completed.   Once   in   place,   a   crown   or   bridge   will   usually   last   for   the rest   of   your   life.   They   can   become   weak   over   time   due   to   bad   oral   hygiene.   However,   if   you follow the dentist’s instructions, it will last a lifetime. Crowns    and    bridges    are    important    procedures    that    can    repair    cosmetic    and    more substantive   dental   damage.   Many   people   will   require   these   procedures   at   some   point   in their   life   due   to   wear   and   tear   on   the   teeth.   If   you   need   to   have   a   crown   or   bridge   fitted   to your teeth, a reliable dentist can perform this task for you. Housh    Family    Dentistry    provides    different    kinds    of    treatments,    as    well    as    crowns    and bridges,   for   patients   with   damaged   teeth.   These   treatments   are   meant   to   restore   the   teeth and prevent further damage to them. Have   your   teeth   checked   on   a   regular   basis   by   a   professional   dentist.   Contact   us   to   make your appointment today.

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