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Children’s Dental Care
Most    dentists    recommend    that    children's    dental    care begin   with   the   appearance   of   their   first   tooth   or   by   the time   a   child   reaches   the   age   of   one.   At   this   time,   the child’s    teeth    and    gums    will    be    evaluated    and    helpful advice   may   be   given   to   the   parents   to   ensure   lifelong   oral health. It   is   important   for   parents   to   practice   children's   dental care   even   before   their   child’s   first   teeth   emerge.   Parents should    clean    their    baby’s    gums    with    a    warm,    wet washcloth   or   a   soft   baby   toothbrush. This   will   remove   any bacteria   residue   left   behing   by   baby   formula   or   food,   and also   gets   the   child   used   to   the   feeling   of   brushing   their teeth.   Taking   care   of   baby   teeth   is   just   as   important   as taking   care   of   permanent   teeth.   The   enamel   on   baby   teeth is   very   thin   which   causes   quick   decay   and   cavities.   Food,   sugar,   fruit   juices   and   other beverages cause tooth decay to both baby teeth and permanent teeth. The   procedures   available   for   children's   dental   care   include   a   checkup,   cleaning,   x-rays, fillings,   sealants,   and   fluoride   treatments.   Fluoride   treatments   are   essential   for   healthy   teeth and   gums   if   the   child   is   not   getting   enough   fluoride   from   the   water   in   the   home.   Sealants over the teeth prevent future tooth decay and cavities and promote healthy teeth. Permanent   teeth   begin   to   appear   around   age   six.   Dentists   recommend   that   children   should brush   with   a   soft   toothbrush   and   fluoride   toothpaste   at   least   twice   a   day   and   have   checkups every   six   months. As   more   teeth   appear,   the   children's   dentist   will   also   check   the   child’s   bite to see if braces should be recommended. Children's   dental   care   should   be   an   enjoyable   experience   that   a   child   can   look   forward   to instead   of   dreading.   Dentists   can   assist   both   parents   and   children   in   achieving   beautiful healthy teeth and gums to be enjoyed for a long time to come. Housh   Family   Dentistry,   advise   parents   to   start   their   children's   dental   care   in   their   first   year of   life   and   schedule   regular   checkups   with   the   dentist   for   them   to   ensure   the   health   of   their teeth both in childhood and adulthood. Proper   dental   care   starts   from   childhood.   It   is   very   important   to   make   sure   children understand   the   importance   of   dental   care   and   get   accustomed   to   visits   to   the   dental office. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.

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